Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Hello from Macores

Ola from Torre de Moncorvo just 10 minutes drive from.....Macores!
There I am having a cup of tea in THE cafe!  The owners later insisted on making us lunch! I think the gentleman who owns the cafe is in the photo we can see on google maps!!!!
What a day it was.  The people in the village were overwhelmed by our visit as indeed we were.  No one spoke english but somehow, like we do, we communicated with a lot of understanding on both sides.  At lunch time the only student left in the village, a 17 year old girl named Ola (I think) returned home for lunch.  It was her last day at school before her final exams and then she is off to university. She is the last young person. She speaks very good english so was able to help her Grandfather. Her grandfather took care of us, showing us the two cafes, the church and took us to meet the local people.
The adventure started with us walking down the street and coming upon two old ladies.  I am in the photo with them, sitting on the steps.  The lady in black is crocheting.  The white cover she made for her granddaughter (whom we later met).  The old lady, the old gentleman and the young girl were from the same family. The very old house is where the grandmother lives.
Since the google map, there is a second cafe and that is where Mr Jones is talking to the gentleman about which tea I prefer!!
What about the church!  Mr Jones and I were not expecting such a beautiful interior. The three ladies were there to clean and take away all the dead flowers from the procession for Our Lady during the month of May.  Some people would have carried the two statues as you can see from the handles.
We were correct in thinking there is no school in Macores.  All the students from the 17 surrounding villages go to a very large school in Torre de Moncorvo.  That is where we went this morning to establish a link between our two schools.  The photos are of the class we visited.  Their teacher, Celeste (Mrs Vaz) is their English teacher.  They are about the same age as our Year 6.  They have their English exam on Monday. The students have lessons in Portuguese and have to learn English and by Year 7, French!!!  Their writing that I saw today is very good.
I am very sad to be leaving this area as everyone has welcomed us very enthusiastically. They are very proud of their town and surrounding villages and so excited that we will be learning about their area.
So, a lot of words today (I know you will be missing that)!  It's now bedtime (10.45pm) you will be enjoying your break. Tomorrow we are heading to Madrid to spend four days with our niece.
Love and God Bless
Mr and Mrs Jones
PS Today it was 36 degrees!!!!!!!!!!

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