Monday, 5 June 2017


Hola from Spain :D
So much has happened since the last post!  Mass in St Peter's Bascilica and THEN seeing and listening to Pope Francis was overwhelming.
Brendan, my new phone has been counting my km, steps etc.  We walked 58km just in and around Rome over four days!!!!
It was fun having lunch, including a cup of tea, in Pisa with the tower just ahead of us.

OMGosh, I don't know (yet) how to keep the photos in order of posting!! So... the altar is where we went to Mass in St Peters; The spiral staircase is the way out from the Vatican Museum; Do you recognise the Coliseum? Lunch in Pisa!!! Our first attempt with a selfie stick (and last)! The umbrellas were hung in every street in Turino, norther Italy, an idea for us at some time Room 4; We then travelled to Switzerland to catch up with friends who live in a Swiss Chalet! Travelling to their village through a tunnel by train, whilst still in our car.  Look, no sides to the carriages!!!!! The mountain is Eiber, one of the tallest four in Switzerland;  At the top (at the shop) was a familiar flag flying, couldn't find out why. And then Megs, whilst travelling on the motorway in the South of France.....I thought of you!!!
Love to you all and God Bless.  Today we travel to ..... MACORES!!!

PS Well done Cross Country runners (Reuben, pass on my congratulations to Isabella.
Waiting to hear about Saturday sports teams :D

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